Software features

Online Sales and Scheduling 

Sophisticated Scheduling of Classes. Workshops, Courses and Privates

Dharma Tribe’s sophisticated scheduling tool allows you to Capitalize on your business’ website traffic by directing visitors to register and pay for your classes, workshops, products and gift cards online. 82% of people now expect to make their appointments online. Set up classes to take general countdown credits or assign a specific class product.

Point of Sale

Sell class packages, merchandise and gift cards all on the same invoice.

Quickly and easily sell students all the things they want with a few clicks, and increase your profit. You can even assign a class package to another student. Track best-selling products and set reorder levels to notify you when you’re running low, and save time. Fully integrated credit car processing makes selling stuff simple and hassle-free.

Attendance Tracking

Rosters , Auto Countdown, Instructor pay

Easily add students to your rosters, select their package and have it auto deduct their credit. Use our state of the art Scan in method. Track Class attendance trends and calculate instructor pay with a click.


Connect with your students with targeted Email campaigns or with Dharma Social, the Social Media Engine.

With Dharma Tribe Connect, the powerful social media tool, your students will be in front of your page multiple times a day. Research shows that social media connects 62% of the world. Let’s pause a second to take that in: yes, the entire world. In the US alone, 98% of people are engaged in social media networks. Why not provide one of your own for your students and generate bigger traffic on your site? Bigger traffic means bigger profits. 


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Dharma Social


A social media tool you WANT to use, made especially for you. Log in from this site or from your favorite studio. Dharma Tribe allows you to:

1. Add Your Tribe(s): after adding your tribe(s) you can connect with like-minded people. Thought you were the only one who practiced Ashtanga Yoga, or did Ballet, or who has a black belt? Guess again! Dharma Social lets you connect with others who talk your talk and walk your walk.

2. Post Updates: Did you finally master the head stand? Did you just get your black belt and can now roundhouse-kick like Jean Claude Van-Damme? Post it and let everyone know!

3. Share Pictures/Videos: Do you have a video of you dancing with your cats? Heck, do you have a video of you doing yoga with your cats? Or do you just have ANY video? Well share and let others enjoy!

4. Check Your Class Attendance: You don’t want to be late do you? Or worse, miss a class. Dharma Social makes sure you never have to. 

5. Check Your Purchase History: Want to look back and feel like a champion because you’ve taken 45 classes in the last 2 months? Yeah, we thought so. 

6. Check Your Favorite Instructor’s Schedule: Want to make sure you take your classes with that one instructor who makes you feel great? We thought of that too:)

This is the best thing about Dharma Social: it caters to a targeted community: yours. Facebook now has 1 billion users all over the world. That’s right, 1 billion. How can you ever make a meaningful connection that way? Dharma Social lets you connect with others who are into the same things as you. So check it out! 

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Credit Card Processing

Are you looking for a fully integrated payment processing solution?

Unlike other software systems which take an extra % of your precious earnings for the privilege of credit card processing, we allow you to have a direct relation with the processor, and you get to choose from among several. 

Dharma Tribe has teamed up with the industry leaders to give you the ability to take credit card payments at the Point of Sale or from your customers online. In addition you get the ability to run ACH payments without paying extra fees for the privilege. 

Call today and see why Dharma Tribe’s integrated credit card processing is the preferred approach for Dharma Tribe users.

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